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Bottoms up!

I read resumes from the bottom up. Here's why:

➡ I want to know where you started your career journey. So often, recruiters are overly-focused on what candidates are currently doing and if it's a direct match to their job. Sometimes a candidate's relevant experience may be earlier in their career.

➡ I want to learn what makes you "you." Candidates often put personal hobbies, travel, board service, volunteering experience, etc. at the very bottom of the resume. This insight into your out-of-work experience gives me a sense of who you are beyond your professional experience.

➡ It mitigates bias. In bottom-up processing, we allow the information itself to shape our perception, without any preconceived ideas. By starting where you began, as opposed to where you are, I'm able to suspend drawing any conclusions until I'm able to absorb the whole picture.

➡It slows things a good way. For jobs that receive a high volume of applicants, some recruiters experience pressure to quickly screen resumes and then move on. For anyone who has ever applied to a job (which I'm assuming is all of you), you deserve more than a 5-10 second scan of your application.

In short, it's a win-win. I'm going to gain more info to make informed decisions and you're going to receive thoughtful and fair consideration for a job. 🏆

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